1:15 PM ET, January 29, 2015

Mediagazer River

 January 29, 2015 
1:15 PM
Benjamin Mullin / Poynter:   Indiana governor cancels controversial news site
12:55 PM
Harvey Weinstein / Variety:   Hollywood Must Find Ways to Make Up for Collapse of DVD Market
11:20 AM
Liana B. Baker / Reuters:   HBO tech executives leave ahead of Internet launch as network's strategy changes
10:35 AM
Brian Steinberg / Variety:   Nickelodeon to unveil stand-alone streaming video subscription service in February
9:10 AM
Emily Steel / New York Times:   Showtime Plans a Global Push, Starting With a Canadian Deal
8:15 AM
Todd Spangler / Variety:   Super Bowl Halftime: Katy Perry to Pitch Merch on YouTube, Twitter, Roku and Connected TVs
8:10 AM
Agence France-Presse:   Mumbai Editor Arrested Over Charlie Hebdo Reprint
 January 28, 2015 
11:55 PM
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:   Tumblr Takes On Medium With Upgrades To Its Writing Interface And More
9:35 PM
Casey Newton / The Verge:   How one of the best films at Sundance was shot using an iPhone 5S
9:00 PM
Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:   Tesco Inks Deal For Rakuten's Kobo To Take On Blinkbox Books' Customers, Other Assets
8:25 PM
Henry Tricks / Committee to Protect Journalists:   Kenji Goto's reporting is voice of humanity in times of atrocity
7:15 PM
James Harding / BBC:   BBC News director James Harding's multimedia look at the past, present, and future of news
6:25 PM
Adam Flomenbaum / LostRemote:   Twitter TV Ratings Come to France
6:10 PM
Frank Pallotta / CNNMoney:   Days before kickoff, NBC sells out of Super Bowl ad space
5:45 PM
Michael Sippey / Medium:   Snapchat's Discover feature for news could also function more broadly as an app platform
3:00 PM
John Plunkett / Guardian:   World Service cuts will reduce UK's global ‘soft power’, BBC report warns
2:25 PM
Benjamin Mullin / Poynter:   New York Times moves reporter from national race beat
1:20 PM
Andrew Sullivan / The Dish:   Andrew Sullivan to give up blogging; future of The Dish unclear
12:40 PM
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:   Sony And Spotify Debut PlayStation Music Streaming Service, Music Unlimited To Close
12:05 PM
Tara Conlan / Guardian:   Sky News to merge digital and TV staff in newsroom shakeup
11:20 AM
Seb Joseph / The Drum:   Guardian overhauls site in anticipation of publishers selling ads based on time
10:55 AM
Peter Kafka / Re/code:   “SnapperHero” Snapchat Scripted Series to Debut with YouTube Stars
7:30 AM
Jordan Novet / VentureBeat:   News aggregator Anews raises $2.7M for further international expansion
6:25 AM
Wolfgang Blau / Guardian:   The Guardian launches its new responsive website worldwide
6:20 AM
Kara Swisher / Re/code:   AOL Likely to Shutter Gaming Site Joystiq in Larger Content Cleanup
4:50 AM
Rui Kaneya / Columbia Journalism Review:   It's still early, but the Sun Times Network does not look very good
 January 27, 2015 
7:55 PM
Leslie T Chang / Guardian:   The news website that's keeping press freedom alive in Egypt
6:00 PM
Benjamin Mullin / Poynter:   In response to missteps, Boston.com tweaks its editing approach
4:05 PM
Richard Leider / YouTube Engineering …:   YouTube now defaults to HTML5 video instead of Flash
3:10 PM
Ken Doctor / Capital New York:   Meet ‘Reveal,’ the show that could be ‘60 Minutes’ for our century
12:10 PM
Alana Goodman / Washington Free Beacon:   Employees Organizing Push to Unionize Politico
10:40 AM
Yuri Kageyama / Associated Press:   Japan Turns to ‘I Am Kenji’ Facebook Page on Hostage Crisis
10:35 AM
Jonathan Chait / New York Magazine:   Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say — How the language police are perverting liberalism.
10:00 AM
Justin McCurry / Guardian:   Hopes raised for release of Japanese journalist held by Isis
9:10 AM
Mark Sweney / Guardian:   London Live local television station to cut third of staff
6:30 AM
Richard Parker / Columbia Journalism Review:   How the Houston Chronicle is catching up to a changing city
3:19 AM
Economist:   Publishing: Spotify for books
 January 26, 2015 
11:25 PM
Peter Kafka / Re/code:   Snapchat “Discover” content feature launches Tuesday
10:40 PM
Trevor Timm / Guardian:   The war on leaks has gone way too far when journalists' emails are under surveillance
10:15 PM
Rosie Gray / BuzzFeed:   Russian State-Owned Media Was Involved In Spy Case, Complaint Says
7:40 PM
Sam Biddle / Gawker:   Fusion mocks BuzzFeed in an animated video satirizing click-driven journalism
6:55 PM
Laura Mills / Associated Press:   Russian security forces raid independent Crimean TV station
5:30 PM
Benjamin Mullin / Poynter:   News VP for Lee Enterprises will step down
4:25 PM
Andrew Buncombe / The Independent:   Moises Sanchez: Decapitated body of abducted Mexican journalist found in a ravine
3:40 PM
Steven Perlberg / Wall Street Journal:   Conde Nast Unveils Branded Content Shop Powered By Editors
10:20 AM
William Turvill / Press Gazette:   Buzzfeed UK appoints editor for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender content
8:30 AM
Peter Kafka / Re/code:   Sling TV, Dish's $20 Web TV Service, Rolls Out Today. Here's What It's Like.
7:30 AM
Georg Szalai / Hollywood Reporter:   BBC launches Taster, a new website to test early concepts and experiments
7:20 AM
Lisa Campbell / The Bookseller:   blinkbox Books to close after Waterstones talks fail
4:45 AM
Austin Smith / Mediashift:   Why It's Risky Business for Publishers to Build Their Own CMS
 January 25, 2015 
3:40 PM
Casey Newton / The Verge:   11 of 14 projects in Sundance Film Festival's experimental showcase use virtual reality
11:30 AM
Hank Green / Medium:   Hank Green defends his and other YouTube stars' interviews with Obama after media mockery
10:45 AM
Kara Swisher / Re/code:   In response to rise of programmatic advertising, AOL drastically restructures ad sales staff
 January 24, 2015 
 December 22, 2014