5:45 AM ET, September 19, 2014

Mediagazer River

 September 19, 2014 
4:25 AM
Tamara Baluja / J-source:   Winnipeg Free Press adds social media element to letters to the editor
12:18 AM
Peter Kafka / Re/code:   Twitter's New US Media Boss is Kirstine Stewart
 September 18, 2014 
11:40 PM
Ben Sisario / New York Times:   BMI Reports a Record $977 Million in Revenue
8:20 PM
Mike Wallberg / IVOH:   New Washington Post newsletter delivers optimism to readers' inboxes
7:25 PM
Peter Kafka / Re/code:   YouTube will spend millions to fund & promote new shows from popular creators
7:00 PM
Carmel DeAmicis / Gigaom:   Twitpic says it was acquired and will no longer be shutting down, but doesn't name buyer
6:10 PM
Alison Langley / Columbia Journalism Review:   In the European Union, reporters are being hampered from doing their work
4:25 PM
Ric Bailey / BBC:   Scottish independence: How the BBC reports polling day
3:55 PM
Ted Johnson / Variety:   California Governor Signs Expansion of State Film and TV Tax Credit
3:25 PM
Janko Roettgers / Gigaom:   YouTube is a big success on cable boxes in Hungary. So when will it launch elsewhere?
2:40 PM
Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg:   CBS May Offer Standalone Showtime to Non-U.S. Viewers
1:55 PM
Jeff Bercovici / Forbes:   Twitter Quantifies Impact Of Live-Tweeting On TV Engagement
12:10 PM
Russell Frank / The Hill:   Whoa, there! Journalism's new code of ethics
11:45 AM
Julia Fioretti / Reuters:   EU regulators agree on guidelines for ‘right to be forgotten’ complaints
10:55 AM
Natalie Jomini Stroud / American Press Institute:   From free to fee: How U.S. dailies decide to use paywalls
10:40 AM
Rem Rieder / USA Today:   Fighting back against government secrecy
10:10 AM
Keith J. Kelly / New York Post:   Pink slips to fly at Parade after sale of magazine
10:00 AM
Ernesto / TorrentFreak:   Copyright Holders Want Netflix to Ban VPN Users
9:35 AM
Roy Greenslade / Guardian:   Media buccaneer Rupert Murdoch dares to complain about Google's ‘piracy’
8:55 AM
Michael Tarm / Associated Press:   Journalists criticize White House for ‘secrecy’
8:20 AM
Joe Pompeo / Capital New York:   Baquet's new New York Times masthead said to be imminent
7:55 AM
Paul Bischoff / Tech in Asia:   The Next Web signs exclusive deal with Tencent to republish articles in Chinese
7:35 AM
BBC:   BBC team under attack in southern Russia
7:25 AM
Dylan Byers / Politico:   Susan Glasser named Editor of POLITICO
1:55 AM
Mike Farrell / Multichannel News:   Discovery, Hasbro Modify Hub Partnership
 September 17, 2014 
11:50 PM
Variety:   Warner Bros. Expected to Cut as Many as 1,000 Jobs (EXCLUSIVE)
10:40 PM
Joseph Lichterman / Nieman Lab:   iOS 8: How 5 news orgs have updated their apps for Apple's new operating system
10:15 PM
Peter Kafka / Re/code:   Apple, Amazon offer family sharing for digital media
9:55 PM
Hayley Tsukayama / Washington Post:   Amazon unveils six new tablets and e-readers, moving even further into hardware
9:40 PM
Chris Ip / Columbia Journalism Review:   On media freedom, United Nations plays by its own rules
9:15 PM
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian / Foreign Policy:   China's Social Media Underground
8:50 PM
Paul Farhi / Washington Post:   Under new ownership, WJLA-TV takes a slight turn to the right
8:25 PM
J.K. Trotter / Gawker:   The New York Times Could Never Have Published TMZ's Ray Rice Video
8:00 PM
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:   News Corp CEO Robert Thomson sends letter to EU calling for tougher stand on Google
7:35 PM
BBC:   NewsCorp: Google is a ‘platform for piracy’
6:55 PM
Erik Wemple / Washington Post:   The solution to President Obama's off-the-record sessions with journalists
6:30 PM
Joseph Lichterman / Nieman Lab:   How the new Wall Street Journal iPad app is taking advantage of new features in iOS 8
6:05 PM
Jane Johnston / The Conversation:   Are bloggers ‘journalists’? New Zealand's High Court says yes
5:40 PM
Mark Berman / Washington Post:   Washington Post reporter ‘facing interrogation,’ Iranian official says
5:00 PM
Jason Lynch / Quartz:   Why TV time slots still matter for new shows
3:00 PM
Justin Ellis / Nieman Lab:   The Guardian brings newspaper comics back to life with The Last Saturday
1:50 PM
Jihii Jolly / Columbia Journalism Review:   How to teach news literacy when the government is watching
1:40 PM
Lloyd Grove / The Daily Beast:   Hollywood Thinks Journalists Are Sexy Again
1:35 PM
Cynthia Littleton / Variety:   How Much Television Can the TV Biz — and Viewers — Handle?
1:30 PM
Catalina Albeanu / Journalism.co.uk:   C4 News to use Snapchat, Whatsapp in #indyref coverage
1:20 PM
Jonathan Peters / Columbia Journalism Review:   The Reporters Committee is about to start suing people to help journalists
1:10 PM
Caroline O'Donovan / Nieman Lab:   Jacobin: A Marxist rag run on a lot of petty-bourgeois hustle
1:05 PM
Tara Conlan / Guardian:   Scottish independence referendum: news organisations step up security
12:55 PM
William Turvill / Press Gazette:   Independent editor Amol Rajan: 'There's nothing unclear about it, the future's digital'
12:25 PM
Ben Sisario / New York Times:   CD-Loving Japan Resists Move to Online Music
12:05 PM
Frédéric Filloux / Monday Note:   How linking to knowledge can help attract a solvent audience for news publishers
11:50 AM
Gautam Naik / Wall Street Journal:   ‘Poop & Pooches,’ a Magazine Devoted to Dog-Haters, Is a Hit in Germany
11:40 AM
Justin McCarthy / Gallup:   Trust in Mass Media Returns to All-Time Low
11:35 AM
Joe Pompeo / Capital New York:   At newspapers, putting the squeeze on an elite subscriber corps
10:55 AM
Michelle Castillo / Adweek:   InboundWriter helps editors find clickable story ideas
10:40 AM
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:   Amazon's New Kindle Could Be Called “Voyage,” Offer High-Res Screen And Bezel Page-Turning
10:25 AM
Rod Nordland / New York Times:   In Brutal Year for News Media in Afghanistan, a 7th Journalist Is Killed
10:15 AM
Keith J. Kelly / New York Post:   Top editor exits digital version of Spin
9:30 AM
Roy Greenslade / Guardian:   Journalists in Vietnam prevented from reporting on police brutality
9:15 AM
Alexandra Alter / New York Times:   Line by Line, E-Books Turn Poet-Friendly
9:00 AM
Suzanne Vranica / Wall Street Journal:   With New Ad Measure, The Economist Emphasizes Quality Over Quantity
8:45 AM
Keith J. Kelly / New York Post:   Parade magazine about to be sold to Athlon Media
8:30 AM
Joe Pompeo / Capital New York:   Tribune Publishing takes stake in content marketing firm Contend
8:15 AM
Tom Cheredar / VentureBeat:   Facebook launches a new ‘best of’ page for media companies
7:50 AM
Jesse J. Holland / Associated Press:   66% black and 75% Hispanic news consumers doubt media reports about their communities
7:35 AM
Jeremy Barr / Capital New York:   Journalism curator Longform launching first iPhone app
7:25 AM
John Plunkett / Guardian:   Mail Online's ad revenues rise nearly 50% year on year
7:10 AM
Mark Scott / New York Times:   Sky Deutschland Tells Investors to Reject BSkyB Offer
 September 16, 2014 
5:25 PM
Andrew Beaujon / Poynter:   Nearly 40 percent of African-Americans think news does not portray them accurately
4:20 PM
Andy McDonald / Digital TV Europe:   Netflix goes live in Germany, partners with Deutsche Telekom
2:40 PM
Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom:   Hated podcast troll wins $1.3M patent verdict from CBS, but may soon be dead all the same
12:15 PM
Sam Kirkland / Poynter:   Advice for newspaper editors: Pay attention to BuzzFeed
11:50 AM
Ben Sisario / New York Times:   Clear Channel Renames Itself iHeartMedia in Nod to Digital
11:25 AM
Patrick Frater / Variety:   China's Huayi Brothers to Launch U.S. Subsidiary (EXCLUSIVE)
11:00 AM
Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke / The New York Observer:   Modern Farmer Names Cara Parks Executive Editor
10:10 AM
Catalina Albeanu / Journalism.co.uk:   BBC News launches account on instant messenger app Line
9:45 AM
News UK:   News UK Completes Move from Wapping to new London Bridge HQ
8:55 AM
Todd Spangler / Variety:   Dish Adds Food Network, HGTV and Other Scripps Cable Nets to Internet TV Lineup
8:20 AM
Roy Greenslade / Guardian:   Report predicts newspaper revenue growth in 2015 - but not in the UK
7:35 AM
Jeff Baumgartner / Multichannel News:   Roku Surpasses 10M Players Sold In U.S.
5:55 AM
James Cridland / media.info:   Ofcom deny London Live's application to change licence
5:45 AM
Mario R. García / Garcia Media:   Financial Times: a classic redesign for the digital age
1:40 AM
Publishers Weekly:   HarperCollins Adds Digital Watermarks to E-books
 September 15, 2014 
11:35 PM
Rukmini Callimachi / New York Times:   For James Foley's Family, U.S. Policy Offered No Hope
11:00 PM
Joan E. Solsman / CNET:   Spotify launches on Amazon Fire TV in US, available to premium subscribers only
9:45 PM
Hadas Gold / Politico:   NLRB orders CNN to rehire 100, compensate 200
8:55 PM
Caroline O'Donovan / Nieman Lab:   Literary magazine n+1 survives 10 years, opens archives to subscribers online and in print
8:00 PM
Joshua Benton / Nieman Lab:   Like it or not, native advertising is squarely inside the big news tent
6:15 PM
Eric Blattberg / Digiday:   AOL's 2,000 publisher partners help grow its AOL On video library reach 1.2B views a month
4:45 PM
Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom:   As tech firms take on the role of newsrooms, will they care about legal fights for public interest?
4:00 PM
John Eggerton / Broadcasting & Cable:   TWC Makes Dodgers Games Available on Broadcast
3:35 PM
Kara Swisher / Re/code:   Can Print and Online Content Just Get Along? California Sunday Magazine Hopes So.
2:15 PM
Andrew Beaujon / Poynter:   NYT will run 4 native ads on Mashable
12:50 PM
Elizabeth Jensen / New York Times:   NPR Adds to Live Shows, With Almost 24 Planned
12:05 PM
Evan McMurry / Mediaite:   TMZ's Harvey Levin to Kurtz: Fox Has Been ‘Spoon-fed’ Our Stories for Years
11:10 AM
Tim Peterson / AdAge:   Flipboard is testing fullscreen video ads; Jack Daniel's and Gucci amongst first advertisers
10:00 AM
Steve Buttry / The Buttry Diary:   Gender has been an advantage for most of my career
9:25 AM
Janko Roettgers / Gigaom:   Al Jazeera's digital news venture AJ+ launches with a dedicated iPhone app
8:40 AM
David Streitfeld / New York Times:   In Latest Volley Against Amazon, Hachette's Writers Target Its Board
6:05 AM
David Chazan / Telegraph:   Netflix launches in France to hostile reception
 September 14, 2014 
6:20 PM
Scott Butterworth / Washington Post:   The end of the iPod: Goodbye to the little box that changed everything
11:10 AM
Jennifer Bendery / The Huffington Post:   White House: We 'Didn't Threaten' Families Of Slain U.S. Journalists With Prosecution