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Suzanne Vranica / Wall Street Journal: 3 hours ago
Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg: 6 hours ago
Todd Spangler / Variety: 9 hours ago
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Adrienne LaFrance / The Atlantic:
Study of 15K scholars and tech experts shows 81% expect online incivility and trolling to stay the same or get worse, with “Potemkin internet” hiding incivility
Suzanne Vranica / Wall Street Journal:
Todd Spangler / Variety:
Jim Coudal / The Deck:
Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg:
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:
Karl Bode / DSLreports:
Samantha Schmidt / Washington Post:
Lucia Moses / Digiday:
Mike Shields / Wall Street Journal:
Hadas Gold / Politico:
Jane Martinson / The Guardian:
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